South Park: Tenormans Revenge preview - hands-on the 2D platformer

What is it?

South Park: Tenorman’s Revenge is a Xbox Live Arcade side-scrolling platformer based off the episodes of the South Park show. Up to four players can take control of one of the South Park boys, Cartman, Stan, Kyle and Kenny as they take on Scott Tenorman’s deadly army of gingers in an effort to get back Cartman’s Xbox 360 hard drive.

Who is the developer?

Other Ocean/ South Park Digital Studios

How does it look?

The game replicates the construction paper cut-out art style from the show with cut-scenes that almost look like they stripped right off of TV. At first glance, Tenorman’s Revenge reminded us of New Super Mario Bros. Wii’s multiplayer. Levels have a pulled back view giving players, perhaps too much room to jump on platforms, avoid hazardous obstacles, and smash Ginger Robots.

Players will visit the familiar locales like Hell, Future South Park and the level we played, Peru. The levels appear to vary drastically - at least visually. Fans of the series will appreciate the constant nods to the show and cameos from characters like Mr. Hanky and Manbearpig.

How does it play?

Each of the characters has their own unique abilities. As Kenny, we could charge a super jump to reach high platforms, Cartman damages enemies with his belly, Stan throws objects the farthest and Kyle unleashs his ginger hair to stun enemies. Scattered across the levels are power-ups and weapons. Jumping on the ginger robot Super Mario style was the standard way of dispatching the soulless enemies, but getting our hands on a baseball bat made smashing them much easier, especially on the narrow platforms.

We weren’t able to actually see it in action, but the South Park children are also able to change into their super hero alter-ego. When Cartman transforms into The Coon, he can easily climb up walls while the other boys are granted the ability to fly, drill through objects, or become invisible

When is it out?

South Park: Tenorman’s Revenge releases on Xbox Live Arcade later this year.

Lorenzo Veloria

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