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South Park: The Stick of Truth is inspired by Earthbound, sounds really tough to make

Trey Parker started by saying that several years ago making a game sounded really simple, and that it’d be cool to make something like Skyrim, but that feels long ago now. After the two started with a massive script for the game, the real test was cutting the content into a manageable size for the developers. Parker brought up that some were suggesting the cut stories could be DLC, to which Trey said, “F**k that.” Apparently the South Park creator is no fan of post-release content.

Later during Q&A Stone and Parker talked about their history as gamers and the many games that inspired The Stick of Truth, including Paper Mario and Zelda. Trey took particular inspiration from Earthbound, as the mundane American setting and child heroes fit well with the South Park property.

The two creators had little else to say about the game (other than saying they couldn’t talk about the release date), but they would confirm that Chef and Terrence & Phillip will appear in the game, and one level is set in an abortion clinic. However, they also said that in two weeks they were filming a parody of Dan Brown’s novel Inferno called Infeeno, so we’re not totally sure what to believe.

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