Sony voted more innovative than Apple

Remember Sony's Walkman brand? It used to be synonymous with portable music players until Apple's iPod wiped the floor with it, yet it's Sony that's come out on top of a recent survey on brand innovation.

Apple had to settle for second in the list after the Incite survey asked 500 people between the ages of 18 and 65 to name the brands they consider to be the most innovative.

Nintendo, renowned for innovation among the gaming community, ironically placed the lowest out of the three major console makers, slotting in at seventh below Microsoft at third. It seems that, despite selling a billion Wii consoles a day, Nintendo has yet to defeat Sony's brand power among the masses.

According to the concluding report (viaBrand Republic (opens in new tab)), 74 percent of people like brands that are 'constantly moving forward', but 60 percent opposed the creation of something new for the sake of it.

The top 20 brands the survey considered to be innovative are:

1. Sony
2. Apple
3. Microsoft
4. Virgin
5. Nokia
6. Dyson
7. Nintendo
8. Tesco
9. Sky
10. Panasonic
11. Honda
12. Samsung
13. Google
14. Phillips
15. Dell
16. Toyota
17. eBay
18. Amazon
19. BT
20. Toshiba

Courtesy of CVG. (opens in new tab)

Jun 17, 2008