Sony tells Harrison: "Make people cry"

Sony's Phil Harrison, vice president of Sony Europe, has been ordered by bosses to bring tears to our eyes according to an interview in Sony pseudo-blogThreeSpeech. Though, thankfully, he isn't expected to submit us to 4-hour sales presentation slideshows or vicious Chinese burns. Instead, Sony wants Phil "tallest man in games" Harrison to produce a stream of emotionally-charged gaming delights for PS3.

"One of the objectives we gave Phil Harrison," explains Sony Europe president David Reeves,"is to make people cry." The big man's orders have led to the development of six or seven first-party titles that Reeves promises are "absolutely spectacular."

"We know that [through the middle and end] of next year, these games are going to come out and people will say: 'I have never seen anything like that before'" Reeves preached to ThreeSpeech in the interview.

Above: Phil Harrison prepares to cry while using a PS3

July 23, 2007

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