Sony speaks up about future PlayStation smartphone strategy

Arethe rumors true? Looks that way.A recently translated call between Sony’s elite has revealed fresh details on the company’s plans to release a PlayStation branded smartphone and possibly a gaming tablet sometime in the near future.

Hot on the heels of those leaked photos of an allegedPlayStation Phone prototype,Engadget has decipheredan earnings call between Sony executives in which plans to invade the smartphone and tablet market were made abundantly clear.

“We will look into those markets in trying to develop strategy for the future,” confirmed an unnamed Sony executive, adding that due to recent reorganization amongst Sony's divisions, “the planning and the prototypes for various content [are] all carried out within this... one umbrella. So we are trying to figure out what we can do as Sony in this market”.

Speaking to its strategy to utilize the full breadth of Sony’s existing technology in the development of said smartphone, the exec added: “I think we can better incorporate all of these capabilities better... so when the timing is right we can probably announce [to] you about the new product that we have.”

Moreover to its musings on a possible PlayStation Phone, the overseas call also expanded on Sony's plans to compete with Apple in the tablet arena, noting: “It is true Apple has led the market, but when we are to enter the market, we would like to put a Sony character onto the... a new product, and that is the effort we are making right now. Therefore I think you can hope for a very good product to come out.”

While there’s bound to be some nuances lost in any translation, theseplans arestraight from the source -expect the rumor mill to go into overdrive until Sony makes an official announcement/statement.

Nov 1, 2010


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