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Sony has no American or European plans for PS Vita TV

If you were hoping to get a PS Vita TV, the little white box which hooks up to your TV to play Vita games and media apps with a DualShock controller, there's always imports. Sony Computer Entertainment president Andrew House told Tech-On that the system is only planned for launch in the Asian market.

PS Vita TV was announced at a SCE Japan press event earlier this week, and no mention was made of the little console showing up in North America or Europe. Still, we hoped the gaming-centric challenger to Apple TV and Roku might hit the West at some point.

House said the system will launch first in Japan, where it will have little competition in the video streaming market. It will then hit China, South Korea, and elsewhere in the region.

A SCE America representative told us the company has no Vita TV plans to announce at this time, but that "we are considering every opportunity."

Connor Sheridan
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