Sony confirms that Ueda will leave company following The Last Guardians completion

It’s been a rollercoaster year for fans of Sony’s Japanese development group known as Team Ico. The year began with us all expecting Last Guardian to be released in 2011, then it was continuously delayed, then the dev’s previous games got an HD remake, and then rumors surfaced that the company’s creative lead, Fumito Ueda, was leaving following The Last Guardian’s completion. After Sony was suspiciously quiet, the publisher has confirmed that Ueda would be parting ways with them when he finishes Guardian.

Above: Now there's another reason this trailer can make you sad

The confirmation comes from Gamasutra, saying the Ueda was “committed to completing” his long in development game, as he works on the Guardian in a freelance capacity. Though there’s the silver lining that Last Guardian is still being made with Ueda at the helm, this is a sad moment for fans of the creators. No doubt Ueda will go on to make more games, but we wonder how Team Ico can continue without him. This seems like the end of the esteemed development group, but at least will still have one more game to look forward to.

Source: Gamasutra

Henry Gilbert

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