Sony glad to follow Microsoft

Wednesday 7 June 2006
Kaz Hirai, CEO of Sony Computer Entertainment America Inc, is more than happy to follow Microsoft's lead with online gaming and actually expressed gratitude saying "thank you, Microsoft, for helping us in taking consumers online."

Hirai believes that, with the launch of PlayStation 3 looming, Sony is in the perfect position to capitalise on all the work Microsoft has done with Xbox Live in developing online gaming.

Sony understands the importance of online gaming as being "an integral part of the experience" and a way of enabling new business, Hirai told US newspaper Mercury. He also stated that the part of online gaming that particularly interests him is the connectivity with portable devices, namely PSP.

It is here that Hirai believes Sony has an advantage over its rival, as the only portable devices Microsoft can use with Live Anywhere are mobile phones, which Hirai describes as "not primarily designed for entertainment".

While this is all very bullish from Hirai it seems rather an obvious attempt to spin a position of weakness into one of strength. Microsoft has had a significant head start with online gaming due to the success of Xbox Live so Sony will have to deliver a particularly attractive service to entice online gamers over to PS3.