Sony files a patent that will let PS5 players leave in-game text and audio notes

(Image credit: Future)

Sony has filed a patent that will expand PS5 community features and social capabilities by allowing players to leave text and audio notes in games.

As reported by ScrubWiki, the patent, which you can find here, is for "placement of user information in a game space." That information is in-game tags, which will "introduce an additional dimension of community participation to both single and multiplayer games." Players can add text messages, images, and audio clips in specific areas or in context of specific events - and don't worry, these are filtered messages, so you won't be getting anything inappropriate while playing Bugsnax

This feature is a lot like the one used in FromSoftware games, which lets players leave notes for others in specific areas of the game that offer up help in particularly difficult scenarios (aka, all of the scenarios). However, the FromSoftware notes only let you choose from a selection of words, so they can often be a bit obtuse or flat-out confusing. It seems like this PS5 feature will have more free reign, albeit one that has filters on it so things don't get out of hand. 

Overall, this feature clearly shows how Sony is focusing on social and community spaces in this console generation, as the PS5 already has a Game Help feature that offers real-time tricks and trips. The patent mentions "top-rated players" so it seems like this feature will be an opportunity for streamers and other popular players to leave their mark on an in-game space. I can't wait to see Ninja's face during my Horizon Forbidden West playthrough…

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Alyssa Mercante

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