Sonic's getting two new nostalgia-heavy games - can they win you over?

You may have given up on Sonic, but Sonic hasn't given up on you. Sega revealed two upcoming Sonic the Hedgehog games for PC and consoles at its 25th-anniversary celebration for the series on Friday, both of which show ample deference to the speedy mammal's golden years.

First up is Sonic Mania, which is what Sonic might look like today if polygons had never happened: smoothly animated sprites and new mechanics worked into old-school challenge. An assortment of indie developers who have previous experience working on the series are heading up Sonic Mania, rather than the usual Sonic Team suspects.

Sega also revealed a CGI teaser for Project Sonic 2017. This one looks a heck of a lot like a Sonic Generations sequel from Sonic Team proper, for reasons that will quickly become obvious.

I was half expecting the lanky, scarf-wearing Sonic Boom Sonic to show up in that Project 2017 trailer too, but now it's pretty obvious why he didn't. Sonic's had a rough, erm, decade or so, and it looks like Sega is hoping to tempt old fans back in with healthy dollops of fondness for the old days.

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Connor Sheridan

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