Sonic Rushes on to DS

Sega has just announced in LA that retro hedgehog hero Sonic will make his DS debut this autumn in the guise of Sonic Rush.

The 2D platformer (with 3D effects) features Sonic along with a new character for the Sonic universe, Blaze the Cat. Hmmm.

According to Sega, "This dynamic duo heads out in search of the powerful and dangerous Sol Emeralds to ensure that they do not fall into the wrong hands. In their quest, Sonic and Blaze must battle all-new enemies and, as they do, ripple effects will change the events of their worlds' inhabitants."

More interesting than all that storyline guff though is the fact that - as evidenced by the shots on the right - the game takes full advantage of DS's displays, with the playable area taking up both of the handheld's screens. There's also stylus support on selected modes.

Sonic Rush will be released for Nintendo DS in the autumn