Sonic Genesis trailer dashes in

This trailer of Sonic the Hedgehog Genesis, a GBA version of the spiny mascot's original outing, shows the 15-year-old Sega game to be as good as ever - just hit the movies tab and click on the 'gameplay' video to see it for yourself.

You'll be taken on a supersonic trip through the entire first act of the Green Hill zone, complete with Buzz bombers, Crabmeats, Motobugs and Newtrons- the classic enemies developer Sonic Team abandoned all too quickly in later games of the franchise.

The beautiful stylized graphics look thankfully untouched, although some of the sound effects seem different, especially when Sonic releases a Flicky from its robot shell. The spin dash attack (which wasn't introduced until later Sonic games) is also evident, although you can switch it off if you want to stay true to Sonic's first outing.

Above: The original Sonic the Hedgehog was arguably the start of the modern era of gaming

The movie isn't particularly smooth but we're sure this is just due to video compression, not a problem with the game. GBA (or DS, if you use the GBA cart slot) is certainly powerful enough to replicate the classic perfectly.

November 15, 2006

Justin Towell

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