Sonic Chronicles screenshots

Sega has slipped 70 screen shots of Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood onto the net and we're bringing you the 11 shots that wereactually new.

Of note and on display is the combat system-if you click on the next button really quickly, you can see how combat will play out, if the combat had a frame rate of about two frames per second. For more details on the combat system, the menu screens and the storyline (spoiler-free, mind), check out ourhands-on preview.

It seems a lot like a Final Fantasy game. Except with rings appearing after an attack, which you have to tap with the stylus in order to get a bonus. We're particularly anxious to find out how the Chaos fit into the party dynamic, as each party member can equip one and make use of its special powers.

Aside from that, it all looks like business-as-usual in the world of BioWare Sonic.

Courtesy of CVG.

Apr 21, 2008