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Sonic and the Black Knight in LA Machineguns?

Sega yesterday released a trailer for its upcoming Wii compilation, Gunblade NY & LA Machineguns Arcade Hits Pack. All rather thrilling stuff for fans of classic Sega chicanery, but eagle-eyed viewers will have noticed something decidedly un-retro in this nostalgic video. It seems that Sega, never afraid of hawking its own products, hassnuck billboard ads for Sonicand the Black Knightinto its upcoming 1995 re-release.

Sonic and the Black Knight will be known to nobody as the second "Story Book" Sonic game that had been kickstarted by Sonicand the Secret Rings. It's basically part of a series of bad Sonic games on the Wii that only idiots like. Sega obviously thinks you're an idiot, since it's marketing the thing directly to you.

Nevertheless, such a strange and random game to advertise. Sega could have at least tried to promote one of its good games, as opposed to this toss.

Apr 29, 2010