Someone's caught them all in Pokémon Go (and walked 153km to do it)

Redditor ftb_hodor has done something that feels a looong way off for most of us - caught all the Pokémon in Pokémon Go. 

He achieved it by walking 153km in the end, catching Gastlys at night (which sounds a touch dodgy in NYC) and hatching eggs to max out the list. 

Here's what 'CAUGHT: 142. SEEN: 142 looks like: 

There are a few gaps there but as ftb_hodor explains, "5 Pokemon aren't in game yet and 3 are region locked and not available in US".

"I've hatched 200 eggs. Gotten maybe 10-15 10k eggs" he explains when asked about the harder to obtain 10k eggs. However, there's bad news if you're hoping to catch up quick: "almost all of those were pre patch. I've only seen one since the patch. Pretty positive they nerfed the drop rate as others have reported similar experiences".

All those eggs needed walking to hatch though, and here's how far ftb_hodor went to get them: 

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