Someone played Smash Bros. for 69 hours straight, smashing world record

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The world record for longest time playing a fighting game has been shattered by a Smash Bros. Ultimate streamer who logged a consecutive 69 hours, four minutes, and 20 seconds... get it? 69/4/20.

If you check the Guinness Book of World Records official website, you'll see the current record holder in this category is one Daniel Bergman, a Canadian man who played Super Smash Bros. (unclear which title specifically) for 57 hours straight back in 2016. Today, that record was not only broken, but utterly, well, smashed.

"However, I didn't want to just beat the record, I wanted to crush it," said YouTuber TCNick3. "So the goal: play for 69 hours straight... no further explanation needed."

TCNick3 apparently vetted two unaffiliated witnesses to officiate his breaking of the world record, and set out to get smashin'. But first, he had to make sure his diet was such that he'd need to excuse himself as infrequently as possible. In accordance with the Guinness Book of World Record's rules allotting a 10-minute break for every hour played, TCNick3 slept for two hours a night in the nearly three days it took him to complete the marathon.

Now, I'm no doctor, but this sounds incredibly unhealthy for a variety of reasons, and I want to make clear that we're by no means condoning, or even celebrating, this seemingly record-breaking event. The streamer himself talks in detail in the above video about the mental and physical toll of beating the record, and indeed, it sounds excruciating. Toward the end of the video, the streamer appears disheveled and exhausted.

You can see the moment the previous record was broken, but naturally, the goal was to reach exactly 69 hours, four minutes, and 20 seconds, and that was accomplished, mental and physical health be damned (the streamer's and ours). Guinness has yet to officially recognize TCNick3's run, and the streamer says the organization likes to take "its sweet time" verifying everything. That said, as long as he didn't break any rules, this is probably going in the books.

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