SOE and Sigil in talks over Vanguard

It's speculated that Sony Online Entertainment may acquire Vanguard: Saga of Heroes developer Sigil Games, following the revelation that the two are in talks regarding the future of both the PC MMOG and Sigil.

Speaking to Vanguard Vault, Sigil CEO Brad McQuaid admitted that Vanguard isn't doing as well as hoped but explained that talks with the game's publisher SOE "are going well and first and foremost, our primary concern right now is what's best for Vanguard and its community."

"We want to ensure that this game and its community have a healthy future. The specifics that we work out over the coming days will all be with that single goal in mind," McQuaid said.

He added that "the bottom line" is that Sony Online Entertainment is going to be getting more involved with Sigil and Vanguard and thattheir "relationship is going to become even tighter - much tighter."

McQuaid said he couldn't say whether this means an acquisition of Sigil by SOE at this point - or whether staff and management changes will result from the talks - but did say that "regardless of the turn out, SOE knows that Sigil has the experience and vision necessary to run Vanguard and therefore a major change in that area is extremely unlikely and would be foolish on their part."

Reassuring news for current Vanguard subscribers then, and with McQuaid informing of a potential re-launch of the MMOG in late 2007 it's a game worth keeping in mind if you're a fan of the genre.

"I think it's safe to say that both Sigil and SOE see the potential of a mind blowing game by the end of the year," McQuaid told Shacknews.

May 1, 2007