Sneak peek of The Walking Dead season 10 promises a "completely different kind of war"

The Walking Dead
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A new feature aptly titled ''A Look at Season 10' gives us a peek at what the survivors will face in season 10 of The Walking Dead - and as usual, it doesn't look good.  

Season nine introduced us to The Whisperers, a group of super-hostile survivors who wear undead skin to go unnoticed amongst walkers. They've shed their former identities, speak in gruff whispers, and follow a wolf pack mentality - the leader of their pack is, appropriately, a woman named Alpha. Season 10 will put our survivors in direct (and seemingly frequent) conflict with The Whisperers, forcing them to deal with "this subversive, Cold War-type paranoia" according to executive producer Greg Nicotero. 

It seems that conflict will eventually break into an all-out war. "Now we're seeing that war unfold, in a real way, both sides cut at each other in a very harsh and violent way," says Ross Marquand, who plays Aaron.

Doesn't it seem like the drama never ceases? Norman Reedus' Daryl Dixon certainly feels that way. "Sometimes I think we're just surviving one fight to the next," he says in the preview. Well, his next fight may be with Jeffrey Dean Morgan's Negan, as we see the two together, with Daryl somewhat taunting him - "We ain't never been in a room before, toe-to-toe, and there ain't nobody to save you right now." My money's on Daryl. 

Whatever fights will happen in season 10, expect there to be some serious bloodshed, as The Whisperers seem like the last kind of people you'd want to mess with. Actor Avi Nash calls them "the terrorists of the apocalypse." 

The Walking Dead season 10 premieres on October 7 at 9pm in the UK (FOX) and October 6 at 9pm in the US (AMC). 

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