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SmashRadar: the Pokemon of Brawl

Pokemon have been a part of Smash Bros. ever since its first days on the N64. Initally, only Pikachuand Jigglypuff were playable, then Melee added Pichu and Mewtwo to the fold, and now Brawl brings in the Pokemon Trainer and Lucario. But all along there were numerous cameos from dozens of other Pokemon, each sprung from a Pokeball and used in battle. The number of surprise Poke-guests grew with each title, leading Brawl to house 30 of the mega-popular critters.

Gathered here is our current collection. We're still missing a few (Lugia and Ho-Oh don't want to be found!), so if you have a good shot, email us the BIN image from your SD card or send us the pic through Brawl's album. You'll need our Wii/Brawl codes (7609-2353-2917-5081/5412-9513-8383) and address:

Now on to the Pokemon!

Celebi, the gem of any collection, floats around dropping trophies. The game even makes a note of seeing Celebi, calling it a "rare event."

Chikorita blasts leaves at enemies. Maybe even razor leaves.

Meowth is similar to Chikorita, but his attack spread is a little wider.

If you really want to annoy the piss out of someone, Weavile will teleport all over the level slashing at your opponents. He's super fast and a total pain.

Togepi puts your foes to sleep with its boring design. We've also heard it randomly chooses an attack, but both times we saw the egg, it did the same thing.