Smash your way to first place in MotorStorm online

In single-player, MotorStorm’s AI is aggressive. It angrily knocks you about, nudges you into obstacles and sends you hurtling over the sides of cliffs. And you’re only racing unthinking robots blindly following strings of code. When you play online you’re racing against real people. And people are bastards. And these particular bastards will stop at nothing to batter you off the course and, if you have a headset, you’ll be treated to a slew of swears at every turn. But it gives every race a sense of urgency - you’ll do anything to beat this lot.

But you’ll probably come last because it’s incredibly difficult. As is the case with most online games, everyone else seems to be infinitely better than you. You’d better get used to eating dirt. But no matter how good you are, everyone’s at the mercy of the game’s exemplary physics. Our tactic was to pin down the leader and hound him mercilessly. Eventually he’d crack under the pressure, make a mistake and we’d skid off into the lead. Well, for about three seconds until he came rolling up behind us and returned the favor. Right up our exhaust pipe.