Smash your way to first place in MotorStorm online

There are a lot of dirty cheaters on MotorStorm online, but also a lot of honest racers who are just damn good at it. Here are some tactics you can use to make you better, and how to spot a cheater…

1) Road rage

To survive on the rugged roads of MotorStorm you have to be a complete swine. Like the guy who rammed us. He hit just the right spot and it sent us into a complete 360 degree spin. People in big rigs and racing trucks seem to be the worst and will make a point of running over anyone they see on a bike, just to get a few seconds ahead of the pack. But those are the breaks and you have to get used to it, or you’ll regularly be left behind in a cloud of dust.

2) Cheaters

There’s a glitch that lets you have infinite boost. We won’t say how to do it (because it’s naughty), but it involves repeatedly tapping a button. People also complain about the amount of speed people seem to get on Rock Hopper. “The track is full of quirks. Sometimes your car will shoot straight up and land upside down after a jump,” explains veteran player Snooptalian. The new update fixes the boost glitch, but the cheaters will find a way around it. They always do.

3) Exploder

There’s a dirty, risky tactic that lets you explode your car and send the carcass soaring over the finishing line, gaining you a few extra seconds. You have to know exactly when to start boosting before the checkered flag so that you overheat and blow up at just the right time. This is for real experts only, however, and chances are you’ll get the trajectory wrong and bash into the side of the track rather than sail majestically across the finish. It’s fun to try, though.

Defining moment

MotorStorm really comes into its own when you’re in the midst of a massive group of other racers on a full server. The ensuing chaos is nightmarish and you’ll most likely end up on your battered metal ass.

Pack of wolves

You only find yourself jostling among the group at the start of the race, which is a shame. The rest of the time the pack seems to be very spread out.

Done and dusted

Choosing a vehicle is just as important as driving well. And consider the track’s surface as well. For dustier courses, we suggest using buggies.