Smash Bros. info blow out

The official Super Smash Bros. Brawl website has gone live, revealing a handful of juicy new details including a list of music composers that will blow your mind.

If you like your videogame soundtracks, you'll be pleased to know that Hal Laboratories has cast an epic list of composers, including some real surprise appearances.

Among those involved are Akihiro Honda (Konami - Metal Gear Solid), Jun Fukuda and Masafumi Takada (Grasshopper - Killer 7), Tomoko Sasaki (Sega - NiGHTS) and Yoko Shimomura (Kingdom Hearts).

We assume Akihiro Honda's involvement ties in with Solid Snake being a playable character. Could that mean that characters and/or stages from Sega, Grasshopper or Kingdom Hearts games may feature in the game? This could be epic.

Of course Nintendo's own Koji Kondo, legendary composer of the Mario and Zelda tunes we've all loved for years, is also involved.

Masahiro Sakurai, who is compiling the info on the site says about the list: "This is dangerous. It's a little risky. ... To have so many of these individuals providing music for a single work may very well be a historic event in the history of video-game music!"

Excited? You can listen to a sample of their work - the menu music - on the site right now.

The site also details the Battlefield stage, demonstrating its night and day mechanic with new screens. It goes on to reveal that, unlike the Battlefield stage, "many stages will undergo elaborate changes during battle."

May 22, 2007