Smash Bros. Brawl: online play confirmed

Sept 18, 2007

Intercontinental online battles have now been officially added to the growing list of reasons why Super Smash Bros. Brawl is going to kick ass. Nintendo has confirmed that the all-star fighter will allow players to kick off with friends or random players around the world via its free Wi-Fi Connection service - screens of which can be foundhere.

The "With Friends" option lets you enter battle with people you have registered on your friends list, and shout taunts using pre-set phrases assigned to the four directions on the D-pad.

The "With Anyone" mode throws you in straightforward battles with random online opponents. Nintendo is as safety conscious as ever, however, so there's no voice or text communication, the taunts are gone and Nintendo oddly admits that it doesn't even keep a record of your wins and losses.

Nintendo goes on to reveal that further online functionality in planned for other modes in the game, details of which will be revealed at a later date.