SmackDown! confidential - part 2

Have you given any thought to developing on the Wii, and if so, what kind of possibilities do you think that would open up?

CM: Of course we've thought about that! We have no official plans, but we can talk about possibilities.

HF: We went over to the Nintendo booth, saw the controllers, played around with them a bit and went, "Hmmmmm." [laughs]

CM: So that's the state we're at now.

Final thoughts

Seeing as Yuke's has its game plan together like never before, SmackDown!'s PS3 and Xbox 360 debut is almost guaranteed to rock gamer asses when it hits this fall. Legions of wrestling fans are pumped for this to be the best SmackDown! yet, and from what we've seen so far, SmackDown! vs RAW 2007 will deliver. Opening up the ring like never before, it'll let gamers fight in the stands or climb up ringside scaffolding for a death-defying body slam, and it'll give them full control over how they grapple with their opponents. To find out more on this stunning slamfest, don't forget to check outpart one of this interviewor ourhands-on preview.