Slug Anthology in motion

After yesterday'sscreenshot burstof 2D arcade shooter Metal Slug Anthology, soon to be released to celebrate 10 years of small men shooting lots of other small men, we've got our hands on a trailer to show off the classic gaming in motion. Check the Movies tab above and select "Metal Slug Anthology - gameplay 2 11-28-06" to see it now.

Metal Slug first appeared a decade ago and since then gamers have fallen in love with its all-action style which has appeared on almost every format imaginable. Anthology however, will only be showing up for Wii and PSP early next year.

The video picks out some highlights from the games which include using a camel/elephant/ostrich-mounted canon as well as surfing on a walrus and kicking ass on a donkey. Special mention must go to miniature hero Tarma who appears to have a boxing glove on a spring in his backpack. Nice one.

November 28, 2006