Slider Pad the official English name for controversial 3DS add-on?

When we heard for the first time about the 3DS getting a bulky add-on that gives the system a second analog stick, we were less than enthused. What would it mean for future 3DS games? Is this the prologue to a big system revision? When we got a chance to play with the new toy during Tokyo Game Show we calmed down some, as it didn’t feel as obtrusive as it looked. Today there was a new development in the drama as Nintendo’s UK division seems to have confirmed the add-on’s official English title: the Slider Pad.

According to the UK's Official Nintendo Magazine in the press release announcing the release date for Resident Evil Revelations it was mentioned that the game would be compatible with the just announced 3DS Slider Pad. This is the first time a Nintendo representative outside of Japan has really talked about the attachment, let alone using any type of official name. Though no date or price were announced (and we’re waiting for Nintendo’s US side to back up this statement), it seems that this isn’t just some one-off addition for a single market. It’s the future, so you better get used to it.

Oct 4, 2011

Henry Gilbert

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