Slackers review

With the sunny weather come lightweight college comedies (who wants to sit through doom-and-gloom psychodramas when they could be catching a few rays?), and Slackers is the first of the summer.

Dave (Final Destination's Devon Sawa) is a lazy nice-guy student in his final year, about to graduate after pulling off an exam scam with his slacker pals, Sam (Jason Segel) and Jeff (Michael Maronna). Then über-geek Ethan (Jason Rushmore Schwartzman) catches them cheating, and blackmails them into convincing the gorgeous Angela (James King) to go out with him. Except Angela seems to like Dave more...

Though far from original and suffering from the 40 Days And 40 Nights syndrome of trying to mix sweet romance with tasteless comedy, Slackers is a likeable addition to the campus movie canon. The gags come thick and fast, enough of them sticking to keep things ticking over, and James King's girl-next-door will undoubtably win viewers' hearts. Worth a punt.

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