Skyward Sword's Hylian alphabet translated

Zelda fans are a group defined largely by their willingness to tackle a puzzling challenge, so it should come as little surprise that the “untranslatable” language of Ancient Hylian introduced in Skyward Sword was quickly deciphered. Zelda Universe's Sarinilli made short work of the translation, examining the game's finer details until the one-to-one cypher wasn't just readable – it's even ready for your own use, with Sarinilli's font based on the text.

Zelda comics fans also received a nice bit of translation-related news today, with Glitterberri's release of English-language translations for the first 15 pages of the Skyward Sword manga. Glitterberri promises further translations soon: while Japanese is a somewhat more complex language than Hylian, there's also some 127 million Japanese speakers worldwide potentially able to help out with the latter project.