Skyrim is 11 years old and players are still learning that horses are narcs

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Skyrim launched 11 years, 3 months, and 22 days ago, and it seems that every day another player is getting shocked by the revelation that horses are narcs.

To put it in less slangy terms, horses in Skyrim are able to report any crimes you commit - in fact, that's not just true of horses. As the unofficial Elder Scrolls wiki (opens in new tab) rather grimly puts it, "animals can also be witnesses to crimes, so you must kill them in order to exonerate yourself."

This leads to particularly ridiculous situations when it comes to stealing horses, since a horse is technically capable of witnessing its own theft - unless, of course, you sneak up on the horse before you steal it. Then the horse won't notice that it's being stolen, because this is how video game logic works.

Obviously none of this makes intuitive sense, and players are still being shocked by the revelation that horses will snitch to the cops to this day. A tweet from an Elder Scrolls meme account about horse narcing went viral recently, and the responses to that tweet make it clear that people are still learning about the quirks of horse theft.

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And really, a quick Google will lead you to some (opens in new tab) Reddit (opens in new tab) thread (opens in new tab) or (opens in new tab) another (opens in new tab) from any given year as another hapless player is done in by undercover horses. Modders have thankfully taken care of the animal crime division - just look up something like No Animals Report Crimes, or NARC, on Nexus Mods (opens in new tab). But if you don't know your horse is gonna sell you out, you don't know to try to silence it, do you?

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