Skyrim board game blasts past $1million in funding after just a few days

Skyrim board game
(Image credit: Modiphius Entertainment)

The Skyrim board game has passed the million-dollar mark in its crowdfunding campaign within 10 days, despite only aiming for $135,000.

According to a press release from developer Modiphius, this original goal was hit just 30 minutes after the project's Gamefound page went live. Now sitting at more than 80% above target, the Skyrim board game has unlocked a collection of stretch goals for backers that include additional miniatures, alternate hero sculpts, new mini-quests, and Legendary Encounters that feature tougher challenges with suitably large rewards.

Because the Gamefound campaign is still active until December 5, Modiphius says that the next stretch goal is a "massive Free-Roaming co-op and competitive game mode" that will feature in all copies of the base Skyrim board game. Besides adding "hundreds more hours of enjoyment in the wilds", it aims to emulate the easy-going free-roam nature players are becoming reacquainted with in the Skyrim Anniversary Edition.

Officially called 'The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - The Adventure Game', the plot takes place years before the Dragonborn arrives on the scene. Casting players as surviving members of the Blades (an organisation dedicated to protecting the Emperor), they must thwart a plot to wipe them out. Seeing as Modiphius promises that success or failure has consequences that will "directly impact the outcome of the story", this version of Skyrim looks like it'll become a competitor to the best board games for role-playing (watch your back, Gloomhaven).

Unfortunately, we can't expect a discount in the Black Friday board game deals at the end of November - it isn't due to launch anytime soon, and we don't have a solid release date beyond mid-2022. 

For more Tamriel-adjacent questing, be sure to check out The Elder Scrolls: Call to Arms - its miniatures are compatible with the Skyrim board game. You can also pass the time until release with the top board games for adults or the best cooperative board games. 

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