Skyline gets second trailer


Skyline , the tiny budget but massive scale sci-fi from the directors of Aliens Vs. Predators , has debuted its second trailer online.

Though a lot of the footage will be familiar to those who were at this year’s Comic-Con, and there are a few shots repeated from the flick's first trailer, there’s also a wealth of new material here to give us the goosbumps.

Set in Los Angeles, the film follows a collection of people who desperately try to survive when alien forces descend across the globe. Using a bright light to paralyse human beings, these evil ETs then abduct people into giant space crafts.

Check out the trailer below;

Considering Skyline was shot on a miniscule budget by sibling directors Greg and Colin Strause, it really doesn’t show. That’s mostly thanks to the fact that the bros have their own digital effects company, which makes Skyline look seriously slick.

There’s the obvious shadow of Transformers lingering over the project (those giant, metallic aliens have Decepticon written all over them), but hopefully the brothers Strause have crafted something that can stand on its own.

Skyline opens in cinemas on 12 November, 2011.

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