Skull and Bones co-director exits Ubisoft after 15 years

Skull and Bones
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Skull and Bones' co-director has departed developer Ubisoft Singapore.

Last week in late 2021, Antoine Henry uploaded a post to his LinkedIn profile announcing his departure from Ubisoft Singapore. As you can see in the post itself, Henry had worked at Ubisoft for a grand total of 15 years combined, with two extended stints at Ubisoft Singapore.

Antoine Henry

(Image credit: LinkedIn)

Over on Henry's full LinkedIn page, his credits on Skull and Bones are outlined in full. Responsible for managing three game designers, Henry also provided "guidance and mentoring to refine the core game loop," and was "responsible for the multiplayer and social aspects of the game," as well as helping define the general content and overall direction of the game.

It's hard not to view this as yet another blow for Ubisoft's beleaguered pirate action game. After being originally unveiled all the way in 2017, Skull and Bones would drop off the radar entirely for a number of years, with Ubisoft stating three years later in 2020 that the game had a "new vision," with a brand new creative director at the helm.

Although that creative director, Elizabeth Pellen, is still very much at the helm in Ubisoft Singapore, Henry seemed to be nonetheless a pretty key individual in the development process. Still, as Ubisoft announced back in May 2021, Skull and Bones is currently targeting a release date at some point during or after 2022, which is a pretty wide margin.

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