SingStar Pop Hits warms up its voice

Tuesday 20 February 2007
SingStar Pop Hits is on its way to PS2 this April, and its track list is packing some big names. That's right, you'll now be able to murder songs from P!nk, Scissor Sisters and U2 in the privacy of your own home instead of on the karaoke stage at the local.

In fairness, there are quite a few decent tracks on here, even pushing the pop boundary with U2's Beautiful Day, which is a damn fine song if you ask us. And everyone likes a go at Baby One More Time, don't they? Darius from Pop Idol did. As did Travis, who, coincidentally, is also mentioned in the press release, although there's no song specified. Intriguing.

The confirmed songs are listed below, although more will be revealed at a later date to make a total of over 30 international artists. So check it out and see if you reckon you can stand listening to Lemar while you wait for your go at Black Coffee.

SingStar Pop Hits confirmed tracks:

%26bull;All Saints %26ndash; Black Coffee
%26bull; Britney Spears %26ndash; Baby One More Time
%26bull; P!nk %26ndash; Who Knew
%26bull; U2 %26ndash; Beautiful Day
%26bull; Gorillaz %26ndash; Clint Eastwood
%26bull; Goldfrapp %26ndash; Oh La La
%26bull; Jamelia %26ndash; Beware Of The Dog
%26bull; Scissor Sisters %26ndash; I Don%26rsquo;t Feel Like Dancing
%26bull; Sugababes %26ndash; Push The Button
%26bull; Nelly Furtado %26ndash; Promiscuous
%26bull; Lemar %26ndash; It%26rsquo;s Not That Easy
%26bull; James Morrison %26ndash; You Give Me Something