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Sin & Punishment: Star Successor super review

A little slice of bullet hell

Leaderboards, an expected feature on PC, 360 and PS3, are still somewhat sparse on Wii. Score-centric games like Sin & Punishment are the reason leaderboards were invented (as initials-only posts on arcade machines), so the inclusion is welcome but entirely necessary for longevity. The game’s endless continues and frequent checkpoints mean you will beat this eventually, so without a way to compete, there’s not much left to do. Now, if you care, you can attempt to climb the charts with a better score.

Above: Finish a level and you’ll be asked to upload your score

Above: Apparently “Fart” can’t post online. Too offensive!

Above: Fart will never change his name!

There’s also a chance you’ll enjoy the actual levels enough to play through them again without a particular emphasis on score. You’re flying by so quickly that some of the details can be lost, and if nothing else each area is so distinct that you never tire of any particular style. Underwater tunnels, an unlit forest, a broken city, a lava world… all the bases are covered.

They’re all tied together by a surprisingly interesting story too. No, we’re not suggesting this is destined for another best videogame stories ever (opens in new tab)article, but for a game that’s all about assaulting your senses, it has enough mystery and ‘90s-era anime charm to stick with you.

Above: Isa was sent to kill Kachi (who’s not really human), but changed his mind. Now they’re on the run

Above: The melee-heavy battle with Hibaru (left) is a boss highlight, and the creepily sexy bird-lady Ariana puts up a frustrating fight

And though the art has nothing to do with the gameplay or the score, we did want to say the box art and all the pencil sketches inside are gorgeous, so if you’ve got an art bug up your ass, hey, partial bonus.

More info

DescriptionA bullet hell shooter that’s just sane enough for anyone to enjoy. The action is nonstop but manageable, and the bosses are freakish and challenging enough to warrant a few repeat plays just to figure out how to totally destroy them the next time around.
US censor rating"Teen"
UK censor rating"12+"
Alternative names"Sin and Punishment 2"
Release date1 January 1970 (US), 1 January 1970 (UK)

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