Simpsons demo in latest PSN update

Oct 4, 2007

A playable demo of The Simpsons Game has gone live in this week's PSN update in the US.

Bladestorm: The Hundred Years' War demo is the only other playable action to be had this week, again dashing hopes that PS3 owners would get a taster of the Pro Evolution Soccer 2008 demo, which has been on Xbox Live for some time.

Neither Sony nor Konami could disclose an arrival date for thesoccer demo when speaking to CVG earlier this week, but it's expected to appear at any moment. You'll just have to wait.

Here's a full list of the treats to be had this week:

Go! Sports Ski (2.99 US) - Go! Sports Ski

The Simpsons demo
Bladestorm: The Hundred Years' War demo

NBA 08 key control play calling tutorial video
Eye of Judgment tutorial video

Other video:
Uncharted: Drake's Fortune BTS
Haze Dev interview
Tekkonkinkreet video
Surf's Up BD trailer

Courtesy of CVG