Silverfall coming to PSP

Take Two has picked up the rights to Monte Cristo's PSP action-RPG, Silverfall and will release the title this June.

Played out across huge "expansive worlds filled with different creatures," you'll get to take sides between two factions; one with a focus on nature and one going down the technology route.

Key features according to the blurb include total freedom with character evolution, over 80 character attributes to tinker around with, 35 different kinds of creatures and seven bosses, each with their own specific strengths and weaknesses. Interestingly there'll also be a head-to-head multiplayer mode for up to four players and a co-op mode for you and a friend.

Sounds promising and could be your best chance of playing a decent portable action-RPG. Looks like the PSP version of Oblivion has dropped off the face of the Earth. We're chasing Ubisoft to see what's going on with it, so look for an update soon. In the meantime, click on the Images tab above to see more of Silverfall.

April 19, 2007