Siberia review

Amsterdam-based friends Hugo (Hugo Metsers) and Goof (Roeland Fernhout) spend life getting into the knickers of vulnerable female backpackers, then nicking their dosh. But the testosterone-charged charmers are shocked when one `victim' has a sharper bite than they're used to.

Director Robert Jan Westdijk tries to inject this initially intriguing sex-thriller with adrenalin-fuelled cool, but his desperate attempts to do so, through some fast-cutting visual flashiness and a trance soundtrack, ultimately fail. Even worse, Westdijk is trapped by liking his male leads too much, and in trying for a `feelgood' ending, he slips from portraying, to justifying, a pair of women-haters.

The astute turns and the emotional see-sawing of this ill-founded friendship provide some warmth and humour, but it isn't enough to prevent Siberia from being too harsh and misogynistic to merit praise.

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