Showtime To Make Spielberg & King TV Series

Steven Spielberg to produce Stephen King adaptation Under The Dome

Steven Spielberg’s Dreamworks Televsion company is set to produce a TV series adaptation of Stephen King’s 2009 novel Under The Dome for US cable network Showtime, reports Deadline .

The book is about a town in Utah… no, we jest, it’s Maine, of course, which is suddenly cut off from the outside world by a domed forcefield. With nothing better to do (and in the absence of aliens impregnating all the women with blond, telepathic children to take their minds off of things), the people trapped inside go all Lord Of The Flies , splitting into factions and fighting each other.

Spielberg, King and DreamWorks' Stacey Snider will executive produce along with DreamWorks TV chiefs Darryl Frank and Justin Falvey.