Should you buy a mesh or leather gaming chair?

mesh vs leather gaming chair
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When looking for a new gaming chair, you usually have to decide between mesh vs leather. Some people may not consider this decision to be a big deal, but that only leads to people spending a lot of money on a chair and then hating it. 

There are pros and cons to both mesh and leather chairs but which one you pick up will be down to what your needs are. Leather is the the quintessential material for gaming chairs so if you want that classic look then this is the one for you. However, many people are opting for mesh chairs recently because of the benefits behind them. 

Corsair TC200 gaming chair

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Mesh vs leather gaming chairs


  • Breathable
  • Harder to find in varied colors and designs
  • Typically resembles a desk chair
  • Lighter
  • Ergonomics considered in the design


  • Not breathable
  • Hundreds of customized options
  • Has more of the gamer aesthetic
  • Heavy
  • Ergonomics come from add-ons 

Herman Miller x Logitech Embody gaming chair

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Should you buy a mesh gaming chair?

If you're someone who typically plays for long periods of time and you get hot and sweaty while gaming then mesh chairs are likely a better option for you. Mesh fabric is much more breathable, meaning that instead of all of the heat being absorbed by your chair and then just circulating and making you hotter, it actually dissipates allowing you to cool down. 

Mesh fabric is also much lighter than leather. This could be something to consider if you are someone who moves your chair around a lot, between rooms or desks. 

Another benefit to picking up a mesh chair is the fact that ergonomics are considered in the design. They typically come with a curved backrest to ensure that you sit upright and maintain good posture while playing for long periods of time. 

However, an issue you may find is that they are all very bland and boring looking. If you want something to match, or spice up, your set up then a mesh chair may not really fit the bill as they look like standard plain office chairs. 

Below are our favorite mesh gaming chairs.

disney home gaming chair spiderman

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Should you buy a leather gaming chair?

One of the key benefits of picking up a leather chair is the fact that you can get them in a range of different colors and designs. You can even find many leather gaming chairs which are fully customized, with embroidered or printed designs. This means you can get something that represents you and matches your setup. 

If you're a content creator or streamer then having an aesthetically pleasing chair or setup could be fundamental to your brand meaning that getting a statement chair could be more important to you.

However, there are some issues that come with picking up a leather chair down to the lack of breathability. The material is much thicker and not as porous as mesh, heat gets trapped in the chair and then just keeps making you feel hot and sweaty. 

Another issue can be the fact that they are heavy, if you need to move your chair often it will likely be a task and a half to do so.  If you're planning to keep your chair in one place then obviously this won't apply to you.

One thing, that doesn't apply to all leather chairs, that may put you off from getting one is the fact that ergonomics are not built into the chair. Instead, you have to use a lumbar and neck cushion, which are not always included in the box. 

Below you can see our favorite leather gaming chair options. 

fortnite battle bus gaming chair

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Overall: mesh vs leather gaming chairs?

The best option for you is going to be based on your needs. If you're someone who wants something aesthetically pleasing then a leather chair is likely the way to go. But if you want something more breathable for long gaming sessions then mesh is the better choice.

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