Shoot Many Robots looks like Wall-E with guns

What is Shoot Many Robots? No idea, but the teaser makes it look like something akin to a live-action Wall-E, only with added guns, chainsaws and robot related cruelty. That was enough to get me curious, even though there’s not all that much to glean from the trailer below, but it’s a digital release coming to consoles in 2011.

This is the first we’ve seen of Shoot Many Robots, but I’ll bet you know even less about its developer,Demiurge Studios. Front-of-box status may have eluded the Boston dev thus far, but they’ve made instrumental design contributions to Triple-A titles like BioShock, Borderlands, Mass Effect and several entries in the Rock Band series. So, yeah, with that kind of pedigree Demiurge’s first solo effort should be worth a look, at least if I were to judge by this here shirt I was sent:

Above: Not a glamorous shot, but those two fearful bots assure you the that the design kicks ass

A shirt that I really like by the way, but alas… my desk grows weary under the weight of cool clothes that don’t fit me so I figured I’d pass it along to one of you guys. It’s an American Apparel size XL, and it could be yours! All you gotta do is tell me the name of a robot you’d like to kill in the comments, and the 3rd person to make me giggle takes it home. Just be over 13, a North American resident, and let's not complicate it any more than that m’kay?

Oct 17, 2010