Shocking Hell!

The only reason many of us watch films is so we can Gasp! Gawp! and generally Gulp! at the blood, twisty bits and, “Nope, didn’t see that one coming” parts.

In our Shocking Hell! feature (Issue 114) we celebrate the very best...

For a sneaky peek at a few of our choices, read on...


Se7en (1995)

It’s Sunday. God’s day. Mills (Brad Pitt) and Somerset (Morgan Freeman) return to the precinct after discovering the fifth murder. For the first time, Mills looks up into the sun. The rain has stopped. Ironically, it announces the film’s darkest moment yet. “It’s such a freaky scene,” says Pitt. “We get through two thirds of the film never meeting the antagonist. And we still don’t find him. He comes to us!”

“DETECTIIIIVE!” roars Kevin Spacey’s John Doe, his white shirt and hands soaked in blood. “I’ve gone… and done it… again.”

Did you know?
Se7en writer Andrew Kevin Walker appears in the movie as its first corpse.

Minority Report (2002)

Colin Farrell is The Bad Guy, the snivelling cop who’s wronged Tom Cruise. Max von Sydow is The Good Guy, hero of murder-free Washington DC. All the better for Steven Spielberg to shock with… “Shhh,” hisses von Sydow. “Do you know what I hear? Nothing. The pre-cogs can’t see a thing…” And, a smoking gun later, this cuddly granddad mentor has executed Farrell.

Did you know?
Von Sydow approved of Spielberg’s hush-hush approach to filming. “I understand the secrecy; if you know too much you ruin the whole effect.”

American History X (1998)

“I’m gonna teach you a real lesson now, motherfucker.” The race-hate agenda of sociopath Derek Vinyard (Edward Norton) hits meltdown as he shoots a black carjacker then drags him on to the pavement. “Put your fucking mouth on the kerb!” Director Tony Kaye angles his camera tight on the man’s face. But it’s the sound… the scraping of trembling white teeth against gritty asphalt. Kaye cuts right in on those teeth. “Now say goodnight.” Jack-boot hammers down. Crunch.

Did you know?
While shooting the scene, the dummy’s head fell off and rolled down the street.

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