She's beaten Halo 3

GamesRadar: Did you play the multiplayer too?

Fran: Yes, we played multiplayer. We got to try out all the maps that weren't in the beta on top of those ones, too. Mainly we played with various people at Bungie. Unfortunately, I don't know who all of them are, since we weren't in the same room as them and everyone had unrecognizable Gamertags.

GamesRadar: Were you able to hold up against the Bungie folks? Just how good are they?

Fran: Let's just say that these guys could certainly put the hurt on all comers. Luke Smith (Content Manager on is a monster in pretty much any game type, but actually all the guys were pros. Did we hold up against them? Not really, but I won't speak for Ryan - he held his own. Me? I did pretty lousy - but I blame not knowing the maps. Haha. That's me putting the "spin" on my suckage.

GamesRadar: What's the craziest, most unexpected thing that happened to you while playing the multiplayer?

Fran: I wouldn't say unexpected, but... well, there's a ton in this game, honestly. So, when you say multiplayer you could mean co-op or you could mean the five billion other ways to play like Forge or any of the dozens of gametypes. I think the most unexpected thing is that fact that there are just so many different ways to play Halo 3. I know that sounds like PR BS, but it's surprisingly true.

GamesRadar: Did you have to change your old Halo multiplayer strategies to succeed in Halo 3?

Fran: Well, it really depends. There are many ways to play multiplayer this time around. It's so customizable that strategies are kinda kicked to the curb and you have to rebuild them all. You'll see what I mean when you get to go toe-to-toe with all of it, yourselves. It's crazy.

GamesRadar: What was your favorite multiplayer map in the previous games?

Fran: Blood Gulch, forever. Well, at least for CTF matches. Or Hang 'em High for Rockets was always a crowd pleaser. For another office favorite - swords matches - it'd have to be Lockout.

GamesRadar: Do you have a new favorite map now that you've played Halo 3?

Fran: I really liked the one map we played Ninjaball on that had all the tunnels and grav lifts and the threat of... oh wait. That one hasn't been announced yet, so I can't say what it is!

GamesRadar: What about weapons or vehicles? Any new favorites?

Fran: I confess. I love the Battle Rifle. I hated it in the beta, but man was I wrong. I won't call it my favorite, since a lot of the new weapons are good, but it's up there. As for vehicle? I'm still a Ghost nerd, but I'm now a devoted fan of the Hornet and the Chopper's alright, too.

GamesRadar: Most Halo fans at least saw or played the multiplayer beta in May. How close was that to the final product?

Fran: Only thing to say here is that the graphics? Well done. If you were disappointed in the beta, well you got nothing to worry about.

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