Shenmue City returns to first game's location... hopefully with less creepy-ass Gollum-esque OAPs

We've missed Shenmue like an alcoholic misses their usual triple whiskey Sunday morning eye-opener. While we're sad the upcoming social focused PC and mobile-based Shenmue City isn't the proper sequel we've all been blubbing for over the best part of a decade, at least we've now got some details on it. Read inside, where all will be revealed.

Hitting Yahoo!'s Mobage social gaming service this winter, the game will act as a sidestory to the main series. More interestingly, it will also take place in Yokosuka, the Japanese city where the original Shenmue is based.

Above: C'mon, who didn't love getting a job down on Yokosuka's docks? Oh.

You'll control one of several new characters. Sadly, just looking at two of them is causing 'Skate from Streets of Rage II fury' to rise in us.

Above: Admit it, you want to karate kick both those children right in their stupid virtual faces

The official sitealso promises 'familiar faces' will return from the first game.

Above: Ryo, we'd gladly have your ruggedly handsomebabies if we thought it would get us Shenmue 3

Fine with us. As long as one of those faces isn't bloody Chai, the mega creepy pensioner who kicked our asses black and bluemore times than we care to remember in the Dreamcast classic.

Above: Screw you right in your arm bandages, Chai

Source: Andriasang

Nov 1, 2010

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