SFX's Ultimate Guide To Superheroes On Sale Now!

It's your massive celebration of superheroes in film, TV and comics - including a huge 2014 movie preview!

Superhero Bookazine Cover

That's right, SFX 's latest 164-page, super-glossy, super-colourful bookazine is on sale now. So what have we stuck on its splendidly thick pages? Try some of the following:

In-depth previews of the five big Marvel movies coming your way in the next year. That means Thor: The Dark World , Captain America: The Winter Soldier , The Amazing Spider-Man 2 , X-Men: Days Of Future Past and Guardians Of The Galaxy . We talk to all the big names - stars and directors - including Tom Hiddleston, Anthony Hopkins, Chris Evans, Andrew Garfield, Marc Webb, Jamie Foxx, Bryan Singer, Sir Ian McKellen, Zoe Saldana, Brian Michael Bendis and many, many more!

We put YOUR questions to the legend that is Stan Lee, including a very important one about The Thing! We also rate The Man's movie cameos.

We've a delicious dollop of retro coverage too: we check out the fascinating stories behind famous filmic disasters Howard The Duck , 1990's Captain America , Superman IV: The Quest For Peace and 1994's The Fantastic Four , which was never even intended to be released!

You voted in your thousands and the results are in for the Top 50 Superhero Movies Of All Time. Never seen before anywhere, some of you are gonna be shocked when you see what's made it to number one!

We love our TV at SFX , so expect oodles of great television coverage, including exclusive interviews with the folk behind the hottest new show on the box, Marvel's Agents Of SHIELD ; we also preview the next season of Arrow , talking to cast and crew; then there's the rather wonderful Spider-Man TV Animation Compendium, examining all eight TV cartoons the webslinger has appeared in; and we look back at the glory days of '70s superhero television, with the likes of Mark Millar, Bryan Hitch and Kieron Gillen remembering The Amazing Spider-Man and The Incredible Hulk .

Comic books aren't forgotten either. Join us as we smile through The Insane World Of Superman Comics, check out the comic panels that have been exactly replicated on the big screen, and peer into the wondrous otherworlds of Marvel's What If...? comics...

Besides all of the above, we've got what you could call "Miscellaneous" stuff too! So take a nostalgic journey back to childhood with Mego Toys, discover how much the public know about the Avengers, see how superheroes would cope in real-life situations, remember SFX 's finest superhero covers, find out how supervillains would fare on the psychiatrist's couch, and gaze in awe at the most bizarre bad guys the comic book world has ever thrown up...

To round off the magazine we reprint ten of SFX 's best superhero film reviews from the past 15 years - and this is the ONLY old content in the mag, the rest is all new! - and we also get the original reviewers to say whether or not they stand by their original views.

If all this wasn't enough, there's Ant-Man , The Lego Movie , the SFX team's favourite flicks, a ratings quiz, when Paul McCartney met Jack Kirby, amazing superheroes graphics, flabby superheroes, foreign superheroes, superhero spoofs... basically, if it's superhero, it's here! And that includes more on Agents Of SHIELD which is airing on Channel 4 at the moment.

SFX's Ultimate Guide To Superheroes is on sale from Friday 27 September for three months. Don't miss it! Order it in print from MyFavouriteMagazines.co.uk or search for it in SFX 's Apple Newsstand container app today...

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