SFX Issue 213

Matt Smith reveals all about the Doctor's return in the latest SFX ...

On sale Wednesday 24 August .

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The Doctor Returns

He’s back on the box at the weekend, but before he makes his grand re-entrance we sat down with the Doctor himself, Matt Smith, and Whovian overlord Steven Moffat, to find out what’s in store for the galloping Gallifreyan.

Not Fade Away

The Fades is coming, and we’ve been on set to find out exactly what BBC Three’s latest dabble in the supernatural is all about.

Terra Incognita

Speilberg, dinosaurs, the future – there is literally nothing not to like about Terra Nova . Don’t believe us? Well, you will after you’ve had a squizz at our behind the scenes look at the dino-tastic new show.

Night Of The Living Dead

Team SFX have a night with the walking dead in the latest flesh-eating instalment of Coach Potato.

The 20 Greatest Villains Of SF & Fantasy Literature

We search out the meanest and the moodiest bad guys out there. Warning: they’ll scare your pants clean off.

Colin Morgan

We get up close and personal with Merlin himself. Shazam!

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