SFX Issue 210

We've got tickets to Captain Jack's gun show and talk Torchwood with Russell T Davies...

On sale Wednesday 1 June.

Rolling Out The Big Guns

We catch up with Russell T Davies, John Barrowman and Eve Myles to talk "Miracle Day". It’s time to start getting excited…

Once Upon A Time In The Milky Way

Harrison Ford and Daniel Craig dressed as cowboys, kicking alien ass. Bet that was an easy pitch… Find out what to expect from Cowboys And Aliens , the summer’s biggest genre mash-up.

End Of The Robe

We speak to Potter producer David Heyman about the impending final instalment of the wizardly franchise.

Full Metal Jacket

The robots in disguise are back this summer – we’ve tracked down the special effects wizards behind all that spinning metal to find out what to expect in Tranformers: Dark Of The Moon .

Pegg And Frost

North London’s very own dynamic duo (by way of Hollywood) answer your questions.

Blood And Bonking

Season four is nearly upon us, so it was high time to investigate what the delightful inhabitants of Bon Temps can expect in . Fur balls likely.

Retro Features

Melon-twisting classic Donnie Darko gets the full Time Machine treatment, and we narrow it down to the top twenty reasons we love Battlestar Galactica .

Don’t Miss:


Whether you like it or not, there’s a live action Akira on the way – we find out what the dream cast would look like (hint: it’s kind of awesome).


Being Human USA , Camelot , Chuck , Doctor Who , Game Of Thrones , Supernatural and lots, lots more appear in this month’s Spoilerzone.


Pirates Of The Caribbean: On Stranger Tides , Hanna , Priest , Paul , Never Let Me Go , Fear Itself , Red Faction: Armageddon and much, much more…

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