SFX Issue 203

Tron: Legacy , the sequel 30 years in the making, revs on to the cover of our latest issue

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Free Tron Legacy Collector's Disc!

Featuring video and interactive content from the film and the upcoming prequel game including a sneak peek at the film introduced by the stars, mini-games, desktop wallpapers and the making of Tron Evolution.


The original Tron was a landmark in movie-making – the first time a digital world had been brought to life on the big screen, and an influence on a whole generation of film-makers. The creators of this winter’s belated sequel Tron Legacy have big shoes to fill then if they hope to do justice to the name, but after reading this exclusive behind the scenes feature with the cast and crew, we’ve no doubt you’ll be… game for more (geddit?)

British director Gareth Roberts’ low budget sci-fi road movie has been generated the kind of buzz on the festival circuit you would expect if real aliens landed on Earth, and for good reason. Find out what all the fuss is about as we chat to the director.

Ever since Fringe left our jaws on the floor and our minds splattered on the wall behind the sofa with its world shattering season one climax, it’s become must-watch telly. Even more-so now in its audacious third season, which you can learn all about in our exclusive chat with the show-runners.

Online Gaming

Ever wanted to live in, not just visit, Lego Land, or the DC Universe, or a Galaxy Far, Far Away? Well now you can in the next generation of Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Games. We investigate.

Heroes And Inspirations – Matt Smith

The Eleventh Doctor tells us what makes a Time Lord tick.

Couch Potato

Russell, Nick, Jordan and Jon brave some bite-sized bits of scary movies for the latest round of Couch.


Foul-mouthed Misfit Robert Sheehan, new Who scribe Michael Moorcock, Smallville ’s Green Arrow Justin Hartley and Let The Right One In author John Ajvide Lindqvist in the latest brace of one-on-ones.

Retro Features

A look at ten movies that defined the ’80s for science fiction, the birth of 2000 AD ’s first superhero Zenith and The Truman Show anatomised.


Don’t Miss:

Wishlist : At The Mountains Of Madness . Warning: reading this spread may make you go insane.

Spoiler Zone : A bumper new season crop this month as Chuck, The Event, Fringe, Merlin, The Gates and The Sarah Jane Adventures, Smallville, Supernatural, Stargate Universe and The Vampire Diaries return; The Walking Dead, Lost Girl and No Ordinary Family debut; while we wave goodbye to Haven .

Big Shot : Nicolas Cage is Crusing Mad, nope – Pedalling Irritated, nope – he’s Driving Angry of course in the latest Big Shot. Tsk, should have read his Highway Code first.

  • Douglas Adams Holistic Detective Dirk Gently debuts on the BBC this Christmas we go on set and have an exclusive first look.
  • Apollo himself Jamie Bamber returns to sci-fi for the latest series from the makers of Life On Mars, colonists drama Outcasts .
  • Director Michael Apted takes to the high seas for the third instalment in the Narnia franchise: Voyage Of The Dawn Treader . Gratuitous 7 Up! mention courtesy of Russell.
  • It worked for The Office but will Being Human USA be the next Spaced? We speak to the show-runners to find out more.

Rated : Monsters, Rare Exports, Doctor Who Series Five, Toy Story 3 , Graham Joyce’s The Silent Land , the new-look Wonder Woman , Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood and more!

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