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SF and Fantasy's 20 Most Irritating Characters 13

13 Twiki
Buck Rogers In The 25th Century

Role: Droid aide-de-camp providing miniature metal muscle and priceless comic relief moments.

The painful truth: Vile chromium homunculus. Toddled along in twee, dwarvish fashion while burbling indecipherable blather in nasty New Jersey accent. Eminently meltable. Oh, the comic finesse of those weekly verbal jousts between Twiki and fusty old Doctor Theopolis, the smart-arsed computer fashioned in the shape of a strange ’70s medallion. “Oh, be quiet, Twiki,” sneered the Doctor. “Biddi-biddi-biddi-piss-off-you-piece-of-pre-digital-shit.” quipped the silver midget.


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