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Seven multiplayer modes for Project 8

Thursday 12 October 2006
New details on the multiplayer modes in Tony Hawk's Project 8 have emerged - and for series fans, they're pretty much what you'd expect, with one exception.

The two-player only Horse is back, along with eight-player games of Trick Attack, Combo Mambo, Score Challenge and Combo Challenge - asking you to be first to hit either a predetermined score or just rack up the biggest score during a timed session. Graffiti also makes a reappearance, in which trick areas are tagged with your skater's colour until another player claims them with a higher-scoring trick.

New for Project 8 is Walls, a directly competitive mode where every skater leaves a solid trail behind them as they skate - with the intention of forcing other players to smack into them. At first glance it seems to be a strange addition - as it's one that requires little skating skill - but performing long combos increases the length of your wall, which should see some struggles to wall off those trick-chain areas all for yourself.

Above: Project 8's new Nail the Trick system should make score attacks a little less predictable

All modes have been confirmed for the Xbox 360 version of the game so far, with two players able to share one 360 and a maximum of eight shredding their stuff over Live. We've yet to see whether rumours that the PS3 version will not feature online play - due to Sony being somewhat tardy with providing details of their mystery online service - will prove horribly true or not.