Setting out on the Lost Odyssey

Tuesday 26 September 2006
After its first public appearance at last weekend's Tokyo Game Show, Microsoft has released the first images of its 360 Final-Fantasy-to-be, Lost Odyssey - hit the images tab to check them out.

Taken from the demo build, they show lead character Caim looking dashing and facing off against an army of tall-helmeted stormtroopers on the battlefield. The TGS demo's most impressive visual trick was to quietly switch from CGI footage of a raging war into gameplay with Caim hacking away under player control.

Above: The art design is suitably weird and epic - sadly, Microsoft hasn't released shots from the massive industrial city at the end of the demo

A slight disappointment was that the game is very much a traditional Japanese RPG, with a turn-based combat system that saw the hordes of soldiers that had previously been charging across the field all politely waiting their turn to trade blows with Caim. It's apparently an early version, though, so we hope the final game has some surprises up its perfectly-rendered sleeves.